Grow your own cress

growing cress with kids

Growing cress is an ideal planting activity to do at this time of year as it grows all year round, it's also great to do with young children as it grows very fast! It's delicious to eat in sandwiches or salads. My boys preferred way to eat it is in a buttered sandwich on it's own!

What you will need: cress seeds, a small plate or saucer, four sheets of kitchen towel and a polythene bag 

Sowing cress with children

Sowing instructions: wet the kitchen towel and put on the plate, pouring off any excess water. Then thinly sprinkle the seeds over the paper and place the whole plate inside the polythene bag and seal it and keep in a warm and dark place checking it regularly.

The seedlings will appear after a day or two, when they are about 1cm high put them somewhere where they can get some sunlight, such as a windowsill. The cress will take around 10 - 12 days to be fully grown. Then cut it and eat it!

cress growing with kids
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