Make a conker spider web

How to make a chestnut spider web

This is a nice nature craft activity to do with children if you've been collecting conkers. My five year old son and I made a few this afternoon, which we're going to hang around our home for Halloween.

What you will need: some nice round conkers, white or silver wool, a large needle, toothpicks or barbecue skewers, pliers, scissors and a tube of sticky glue.

Fall kids nature craft activity, making a chestnut spider web


  1. Insert eight toothpicks or barbecue skewers around a conker, I found it easier to make a hole first using a thick needle, which when it got stuck in I used pliers to pull out, my five year old son however, generally seemed to manage to put his toothpicks directly into the conker without the assistance of a needle! I think it maybe depends on how hard your conkers are.

  2. I then spread a small amount of the glue over the toothpicks sticking out of the conker, as I found this stopped the wool slipping when I wove it around, making for a neater spider web.

  3. Then tie the wool in a knot snugly around one of the sticks pressing it close to the conker and weave the wool round each stick, going fully round each stick once, keep it as taught as possible and continue doing this but leave a gap between each of the rounds, so it looks like a web.

  4. When you get to the end, tie a small knot round the last stick you get to and leave a length of wool available so you can hang it up, and there you have your cobweb!

My son really got into making them, he made several different variations, making his 'own kind of spider web', he also preferred to use string rather than wool, as it's easier to handle. We made quite a few and he said he wants to make some more another day, so it was definitely a popular activity with him!

Making a spider web with a chestnut
Making a conker spider web


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How to make a chestnut spider web