Hello, my name is Anja ffrench, I am passionate about gardening and the outdoors. I have two young boys aged 3 and 5, who I love being outdoors with. I am currently studying an RHS Horticulture Course and practicing things I’ve learnt with my boys.

There are lots of benefits for young children, and all of us, from being outdoors and being connected to and understanding the natural world - not just through TV programmes but actually by physically touching things and getting muddy! I set up my blog, facebook, twitter and instagram pages in the hope that I might help inspire families to get their children outdoors and more connected to nature.

Recent studies have shown that there is an increasing disconnect between children and nature - resulting in, amongst other things, stress and depression in later life. According to research by the RSPB, only one in five children aged 8-12 in the UK are ‘connected to nature’.  Studies also show that children who spend more time outdoors in nature will do better at school.