Sowing cucumbers

growing cucumbers with kids

Cucumbers are another great vegetable to grow with children as they can be picked and eaten directly from the plant and most children love them, the seeds are also not too small for them to handle. 

They should be sown April - May, so it's not too late to still plant some!

Cucumber seeds

Cucumber seeds

What you will need:

Cucumber seeds

Seed compost

Small plant pots

Sowing Instructions

Cucumbers are best grown indoors to begin with. Sow seeds individually 1cm (.5 inch) into small pots, these could be regular plant pots, yogurt pots or biodegradable pots. Water them and place the pots somewhere warm, however they don't need to be in direct sunlight. 

Filling biodegradable pots with seed compost

Filling biodegradable pots with seed compost

Slowly accustom the plants to the outdoors before planting out, do this for 2-3 weeks. Only plant out when all danger of frost has passed. Ideally the plants need to be trained up a bamboo or trellis, plants not helped to grow upwards and left trailing across the ground will still produce cucumbers, but they will be curled. 

Growing cucumbers


Keep plants well watered and for best results feed every so often with an organic liquid fertiliser. Don't remove the male flowers (the flowers without a cucumber next to them) as these are needed for the pollination of the female flowers.