Grow your own Easter grass

How to grow wheatgrass

Planting wheatgrass is a great way to get children interested in growing plants from seeds. The seeds are easy to handle and shoots will appear after only four days, you can almost watch them grow they grow so fast!

The seeds will grow into beautiful long thick blades of grass, perfect for hiding colourful eggs in and for displaying over Easter. If you’d like the grass to be at it’s most beautiful for Easter plant the seeds seven or eight days before Easter.

What you will need

•        Packet of wheatgrass seeds (you can buy these from most health food shops)

•        Seed compost or a small amount of soil from your garden will also do.

•        Pretty container, this could be a plant pot plate, a small basket, or a soup bowl (anything soup bowl size you’re happy for compost to be put into).

Sowing Instructions:

1.      Fill your container with a small layer of compost (if you’re using a basket, line it with some foil or plastic first, so it won’t get it ruined).

2.      Water the compost so it is thoroughly moist

3.      Sprinkle the wheat grass seeds evenly over the moist compost

4.      Water the seeds using a spray bottle, or by pouring water through your fingers

5.      Put into a warm place, the seeds won’t need sunlight until they start to appear.

6.      Once the seeds start to sprout move the dish to a sunny window sill

7.      Water daily or as needed to keep the soil moist.

how to grow wheatgrass

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how to grow wheatgrass