Planting cornflowers

Growing cornflowers with kids

Cornflowers are incredibly easy to grow and can be planted directly into the soil where they are to grow. I love them, they're one of my favourite flowers. I usually plant a couple of pots of them each year, and I will sow them at different stages, so there are flowers all summer. You can also scatter them along borders or in flower beds.

They are native to the UK and used to grow wild in crops of corn, sadly you can rarely find them wild anymore due to the use of herbicides. 

Cornflower seeds

Sowing instructions:

They can be sown from March to May and they will flower from June to September

Choose a sunny position and prepare your container or ground, by making sure the soil doesn't have any stones or weeds in it and ideally add a layer of seed compost over the top.

Water the compost and then sprinkle the cornflower seeds evenly over the surface, cover the seeds with a thin layer of compost and then sprinkle some more seeds on the top, then cover again with a thin layer of compost. 

Growing cornflowers

The seedlings will start to appear after one to two weeks.

Once they are flowering, dead head the dry ones regularly.

If you've planted a lot, they're lovely to pick and put in a vase too