I absolutely love these children’s gardening and craft boxes. Such a lovely company and the perfect way to encourage your little ones to engage with nature. Highly recommended!
— ricecakesandraisins.co.uk
We really like these boxes! The packaging has been carefully thought out to avoid waste wherever possible. The activities are good for a range of ages and are still fun if you have done them before. The instructions are clear and everything about the contents feels high quality. I personally feel they are reasonable value for money given the price includes postage and the subscription is flexible; it can be stopped or paused anytime. They get a thumbs up from us!
— livinglifeourway.com
The boxes encouraged me to help my children connect with nature, in ways that I might not otherwise do. I learnt a lot myself too! Through our little planting activities, we have already found a new love of gardening! I’m excited to try out more nature activities and test out our nature observation skills on our next outdoor adventure!
— Littlefishblog.com
We’ve received this as a gift and both my and my daughter couldn’t be more chuffed! Such fab activities, all planned out so we can just enjoy doing them! Well presented and made super simple we are looking forward to getting stuck in!

If I had to plan and research these activities myself it would never happen. These boxes are great for well intending parents - it couldn’t be more easy to crack on and just enjoy the activities! Thank you Mud & Bloom!
— Rikki Sullivan
Myself and my 2 year old daughter have thoroughly enjoyed everything in this month’s box. The fact sheets and activities included are such a great way to encourage spending time outdoors and inspire a love for nature. Pearl was especially excited to watch the beans sprouting - we can’t wait for our next one!
— Hannah, mum to Pearl
I have to say, this has been a really charming subscription box and as a mum who is keen to encourage as much interaction with nature and gardening as possible amongst children, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this box which is hugely enjoyable and educational both for parent and child.
— motherhoodtherealdeal.com
We learnt so much from the January box in a fun and relaxed way. Including the names of birds that frequent our garden and how seeds grow. A great introduction into primary science.
— senresourcesblog.com
January is such a cold wet month and it feels like there is nothing out there at all. This box changed that. Looking for birds, going on a twig hunt, watching seeds grow, this certainly made us feel so much more inspired to look at what was going on around us.
— Merith Miscelanny
I have lots of comments from mums who want to do crafting or messy play activities with their children, but are really daunted by the thought, don’t have the time to plan them, buy for them, or just don’t know where to start. This is why these little activity boxes by Mud and Bloom are kind of genius. It’s all done for you, a lot of it is outside so the mess can stay there, all you’ve got to do is find a bit of time together to do it!
— sarahsaidthat.com
We recently received our first activity box and it was such fun! We made and floated a raft which the kids thought was wonderful and has pride of place on the mantelpiece now. We are eating our sprouted seeds and have some avocado stones that they are regularly checking for shoots, and lots more! Thank you Mud & Bloom!
— Liza Beresford, mum to three girls
Something which helps the Mud and Bloom box stand out for me is that it isn’t packed full of plastic and single use items. You can do many of the activities more than once now that you’ve got the inspiration and the handy instructions. The box and its contents are recyclable too.
— diaryofazombiemum
This box has been a brilliant way of getting our whole family involved in and learning about nature again – with the added bonus that all the activities link to the national curriculum too. We think these boxes are an absolute steal at only £7.95 each including UK P&P
— Lisasnotebook.com
We really enjoyed this box; it is a great way to encourage kids and adults to get outside together, learning about nature and having important learning conversations- I would recommend it.
— Rabbitideas.co.uk