Make a sun catcher with pressed flowers

Nature crafts making pressed flower suncatchers

This is a lovely activity that can be done in all seasons, but spring or summer, when the flowers are most colourful, are probably best. It needs to be done in two stages: the first stage involves collecting and pressing the flowers and the second (around two weeks later) is when you make the sun catchers. 

What you will need: 

  • a container for collecting the flowers in

  • a large heavy book and plain paper for pressing the flowers, or a flower press

  • some card and two plates and/or bowls of different sizes to draw around (see images below) or paper plates

  • a pencil (if not using paper plates)

  • sheets of sticky backed plastic

  • scissors

  • glue

First collect your flowers, petals, grasses or whatever you fancy pressing, this is a nice thing to do with small children, they can each be given a basket and left to collect their own items for pressing.

Collecting flowers to make a sun catcher
Collected flowers for making a sun catcher

Once you've collected your flowers they will need to be pressed, you can do this by laying them flat very carefully between two pieces of plain paper and then inside a heavy book (like an atlas). They will need up to two weeks to dry. 

Once the flowers have dried you will then make the actual sun catchers. 

How to make a sun catcher

First draw two circles around the plate or bowl, ideally there will be a difference in size of about 1 cm or so. 

Homemade suncatchers

Then cut around the circles, and pinch and cut the card to make the first cut in the middle, do the same if you're using a paper plate. 

Then cut the sticky backed plastic so it fits to the outer edge of the circle and stick it carefully over the circle. 

Then choose and place your flowers carefully onto the sticky side of the circle.

Making a sun catcher with dried flowers

Once you've placed all of your flowers, stick another cut out of the sticky backed plastic carefully over them and glue another card or paper plate cut out to the other side and your sun catcher is finished! Stick it on a sunny window with a bit of blue tack or hang it on a piece of thread. 

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